Blue Stream

Business Process As A Service

When you automate your business - what position is the most qualified to head up this project?

When you want to streamline your process - who in your business is the right person to move this in the right direction?

There is a good chance that this position does not exist in your business - and if you have the right person, you are probably running a business and need help managing this transformation of your business.

Blue Stream is a streamlining service that includes a dedicated resource (your own Client Information Officer (CIO)) that can assist with business process creation and a subscrption to our Streamline app.

Blue Stream consists of:

Client Information Officer

This is a dedicated resource, assigned to your business to review what business processes can be streamlined, and then work with your team to get them educated, comfortable and using Streamline


A web-based tool that automates any operation in your backoffice, production, sales, service, hr or administrative function.  Some of the things that Streamline offers:

  • Unlimited Service Boards per Company
  • Customized Statuses
  • Customized Configurations
  • Customized Service Types
  • Customized Escalation
  • Email will be secure via TLS from you to our Data Center
  • Includes initial import of user list
  • Includes up to 10 hours of customization
  • Includes up to 5 hours of new business process creation