The Now IT Works Advantage: Technology Managed Services

Vision Statement

There is a lot of talk about Vision Statements and Mission Statements - we decided to post just our Vision Statement, since our Mission changes from time to time, but our vision remains the same.  You know, until we change it!

Vision:  To be the most efficient department in our partner's business.

Unique Tech by Now IT Works

We are always looking to bring our partners a great deal of value - from our services, technology or partner-only events.  Of course, we understand that at the end of the day - it comes down to one thing:  

Reduce IT Problems.

One of the many ways we are doing this is to configure our technology to give you a short-list of ways to resolve IT problems as quickly as possible - this is called LiveConnect and is available with all Blue Steel Support Agreements.


LiveConnect started about a year ago as a way to make it easier to consolidate all of the things we provide to our clients - here is a list (as of Q1 2015):

  • Chat Support:  This is extremely useful to get in touch with a tech resource asap.  
  • Now IT Works University:  This is a true Learning Management System with access to many technology course (MS Office, Quickbooks) as well as soft skills such as Time Management, Sales Presentation, Organization and HIPAA courses.  Take advantage of this!
  • Auto-Update of 3rd Party Applications:  Some of our clients get access to this, but with the Blue Steel Support Agreement, these are automatically pushed out to your PC.
  • 1-click Install App Store:  Install a growing list of applications automatically without searching for download or installing malware on your PC.
  • Streamline IT Process:  A web-based form that allows you to get a new user setup, deactivated or procure hardware quickly - and with all of the important information.

5  Reasons To Partner With Now IT Works:

1 - We offer 2 great products - Blue Steel and Level 1.  Each program includes an app to help manage the security, backup and maintenance of your devices AND an educational component to help make your team more better (ok, it helps to make them more proficient with the technology in the office as well).

2 - We include 1-click installations.  Within our app, you can immediately install (or upgrade) commonly used utilities, such as Adobe Reader, Java, Flash, CutePDF.  As well as apps used for some of our premier services, Vonage, Streamline, Mesh and SaveIT.

3 - We work with all of your technology vendors.  Whether you are having an issue with your website, your phone vendor or your printer tech - we can help streamline the process and get the desired result communicated to your vendor.

4 - Our team works from a process.  If you've never read The E-Myth by Michael Gerber, it's a must read for any business owner - my take away from that book is the basis for our Streamline app.  Create a process for everything that happens here - both internal and partern-facing; and you will always get the desired result.

5 - When you dial - someone will pick up.  There is no automated menu to go through, just dial and you'll get someone on our team.  This is a simple pleasure when dealing with customer service companies - we don't want you to have to wait to decide which department you need.