Improve Product Offerings with a Product Roadmap

I don’t think anybody uses actual roadmaps anymore, but the word has not died. Why? Because a roadmap has come to mean “any document that provides a route to a destination”. In the business world, a roadmap means a plan for growth.

When I evaluate a new piece of software or application, I want to see a published roadmap. It’s … Read more...

Prevent Data Loss – Backup Today

How much data would you have to lose before it began to hurt your business? The answer is not very much. Depending on what data is lost, it may only take no more than a file or two to cause havoc and create chaos.

Did you know that 70% of people have never backed up a phone, computer, tablet or … Read more...

What is Your Customer Satisfaction Score?

If you asked your clients to rate you on a scale of one to 100, can you guess what your average score would be?

About two years ago, Sam from had a booth at the annual ITNation event in Orlando. A swanky looking booth and either golf balls or sunglasses – something catchy – brought me to the table. … Read more...

SMB Peer Groups are Good for Business

John, an SMB client of mine, learned that giving away less work has led to more business.

Let me explain.

John runs a home re-modeling business. When contacted by a potential customer, he would schedule an appointment to visit the house. Then, he would go to the house, take measurements and talk to the customers about what they are looking


Is it a Communication or Technology Breakdown?

It’s easy to blame an inanimate object. It’s harder to blame yourself.

Trying to get a laptop, smartphone, an app or website to do what you need it to do can be infuriating at times. Getting upset, getting frustrated are definitely part of the process. But, at no point during the process does someone step back and ask, “Is what … Read more...

Busting The Myths of Hollywood Hacking

Hacking in the movies is cool, no question. Completely inaccurate, but SO COOL.

Lately, it seems as though there is some story about hacking every day on the news. Both political parties are talking about it non-stop, there was the Wannacry virus that took the world by storm for a few days, and every Russian with a smartphone is now … Read more...