IT Strategy

With such an endless array of information technology available, how do you know what hardware, software and training are right for your corporation? When purchasing IT equipment, how do you ensure that what you buy is going to keep up with your developing needs? Would your sales team benefit from a BYOD policy and speaking of which if your staff are using their own devices do you have a strategy to protect your corporate intelligence.
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Why Most Job Interviews Are A Waste of Time, And How To Fix It

The hiring process hasn’t changed much in the past 100 years, especially in the IT strategy field. A job is posted. An applicant expresses interest. An interview is conducted. And, for the right candidate, an offer is extended.

Is this one of those situations where you don’t try to fix it if it isn’t broken?

Not necessarily. Maybe the process


Creating a Culture of Continuous Process Improvement

Perhaps no company has been as good at creating a cycle of continuous product development than Apple. There is no better example of that than how it has evolved the iPod.

Remember the first iPods? They were white and had that trackwheel on them and an LCD screen. They were a huge hit. But that wasn’t enough. The screen got … Read more...