What is Your Customer Satisfaction Score?

If you asked your clients to rate you on a scale of one to 100, can you guess what your average score would be?

About two years ago, Sam from Smiel.io had a booth at the annual ITNation event in Orlando. A swanky looking booth and either golf balls or sunglasses – something catchy – brought me to the table. After pikcing up my swag, they delivered their pitch.

“What is your CSAT score?” Sam asked me, as I raced to figure out what CSAT was. Did I need that to get into college?

Then, I thought he had pronounced it incorrectly. So I replied back: “CSAT – what is that?”

“It’s your Customer Satisfaction Score,” he said, matter-of-factly.

“Oh, right,” I said. “Yeah, it’s high.” I had no idea what a high score was, or how we would even rate.

But standing there, listening to him talk about how easy it was to implement, what the clients would have to do to rate us, and how efficiently we could report on it – I was sold.

Now, two years later – I wouldn’t look back. I’m surprised, really. Not only did I realize all of the benefits Sam spoke to me about, but I was able to receive vision into client issues that I never would have seen before.

Our clients now have three options to rate us – a green smiley face, a yellow neutral face, and a red angry face. That’s it. Click one of them and continue about your day.

If someone responds with a yellow or red face, then a copy of their issue, their name, phone number, and any remarks they added, will go directly to my email.

Now I can reach out to understand and fix the issue before it escalates. More than 60% of people who receive a prompt to participate actually respond to it. To me, that is an impressive number. It tells me that people want to tell me how we did.

This is such a simple idea, yet it shows clients that we care about whether we are doing a good job and it shows me whether our clients are happy with the work we are doing. More companies are asking customers to participate in surveys following interactions, to benefit from that instant objective feedback.

Need help getting this set up? Reach out to me today.

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