How To Get Your Marketing Into The Fast Lane

If you’re on the highway and everyone is driving in the same lane and they’re all going five miles under the speed limit, do you stay with them? Or do you change into the other lane, accelerate and get to the head of the line, reaching your destination faster than everyone else?

Most companies who try to market themselves are the group in the convoy, content to stay where it is comfortable and safe, and afraid to take risks. The companies the truly differentiate themselves in their marketing are those that take the risk of changing lanes and doing what everyone else is afraid to do.

When considering whether to change lanes, look at your technology as something that can help you speed up and get in front of everyone else.

For example, everyone is worried about disaster recovery, but most people don’t know what it means. If you’ve tested your disaster recovery plan and you know you can be up and running in 15 or 33 or 56 minute after a catastrophe, tell everyone that. Nobody else is. Is it because people don’t care? You know they do.

What you’ve been able to automate in your office is also a competitive differentiator. It may not necessarily mean much for the clients, but it increases your efficiency and enables you to deliver services faster.

Like a car, all the components of your business need to be pointed in the right direction and working together to give you the best possible output. Without that, you’ll just be in the slow lane with everyone else.

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