Our Core IT Services

Managed IT Services

The main benefit for outsourcing your technology services and support, referred to as Managed IT Services is to receive IT support at a reduced cost than having the talent in-house.

There are plenty of features and benefits, but the main reason is cost.

We run into 2 types of decision makers – those who understand and see the value of what managed service provider can bring, and those who do not.

If your business currently has less than 13 full-time employees who are using computers to stay productive, it doesn’t make financial sense yet.

For those businesses with 14 or more employees, this is the only way to get your IT services delivered.

It’s really simple.

You need to outsource the ‘utilities’ such as antivirus/backup/spam filtering, while helping to monitor and play a proactive role in your business technology.

Effectively servicing clients’ technology takes the right mix of people, process and tools. By implementing powerful remote monitoring and management solutions, you can eliminate IT inefficiencies, automate services and master proactive IT service delivery

Crowdsourcing Experience

Managed Service Providers, MSPs, can also offer a wealth of experience from actively managing multiple client accounts that in-house teams would not collectively have.

Forecast Expenses

By outsourcing your IT services and support to an MSP, organizations are able to forecast their monthly, quarterly and yearly expenditure on IT in addition to free up internal resources from focusing on this area in which they are not versed. This allows the team to focus on growing the business without worrying about day-to-day IT issues or requirements.

Security Best Practice

If your business wishes to free up internal resources, who are not versed, nor have the time, you’ll also gain advice on what best practices or security standards you need to comply with. MSP work with standards such as PCI and HIPAA compliance on a regular basis and are able to steer your business within the parameters and regulations it needs to adhere to.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Difficult situation, happy to have Chris on our team!  Thanks for all of your support.  Your team has been outstanding (as always).”

“I’m glad to be using NIW – I hear horror stories of bad customer service and excuses from my clients about their IT and I’m saying – you should be working with Now IT Works.”

“While you can get technology from a number of places, the key element is who is delivering the service?  We just found that the commitment for delivering the product was there they have the technology, they have the skills”

“Working in a partnership allows us to increase our efficiencies within the office and make sure that everything is up to date and it really helps us to plan our road-map as to where we are going.”

Align your Business and Technology

 And get more from your people, processes, technology and  budget.